1. Sarah! This is a beautiful analogy! I am literally pulling out the silver streaks as they come in …and starting to lose the battle. I have two best friends that do hair for a living…one owns a salon…but I have never dyed my hair. I’m scared of the commitment! Yet, as I pull out strands of “wrong colored” hair, I’m just delaying the inevitable. My walk with Christ is like that at times. I fight for control, even though the best thing for my soul is just to let go …and obey and follow Him. Loved this! Reality got me thinking.
    Happy Monday!

  2. kristine

    OOOH, I love that! My roots are in Christ! This post made me chuckle Sarah. I inherited early gray hair, so I made the switch and let my ‘silver’ grow in several years ago. The funny thing is that now I get lots of compliments on my hair, because apparently silver is the trend! Go figure:) Blessings friend!

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