{Guest Post} How Stepping Off the Grid Impacts Your Faith by Susan Mead

Stepping off the grid … sounds familiar and refreshing! After taking some time out to focus on being a Mum for the first time, I love that I am bringing my guest post series to a close with this word from my friend Susan. When I first met Susan I was blown away by her JOY in the Lord. When I learned all she has been through I was even more inspired … and challenged. I encourage you {after you read this post!} to check out more of what Susan has to share on Dancing with Jesus!

10 Lessons Learned

How Stepping Off the Grid Impacts Your Faith

10 Lessons Learned Stepping Off the Grid Impacts Faith

Have you ever thought about stepping off the grid and simply unplugging for a little while?

Me too – and I did it. Wanna know what I’m learning? It’s impacting my FAITH. Seriously! I didn’t expect that to be part of the package.

Lesson 1:

We decided.

WE. Decided. Yes, together as a couple, the decision was consciously made. Why were we even thinking about stepping off the grid?

We felt a nudge from Above asking us to step off – in faith. Yep, like that momma eagle nudges and shoves her eaglets out of their comfy nest, so does our Heavenly Father nudge us our of our complacent lives, filled with the comforts of home…and STUFF.

Lesson 2:

Let it go.

We heard let it go – the stuff – clearly in our prayer times.

“Are you seeking comfort in things, a person and a place, or in Me?” our Father inquires, ever so gently. Yet His truth is revealed in the question.

Am I? Are you?

Lord, help us turn to You in faith, trusting Your guidance is for our good.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28 NIV

Lesson 3:

Dug in.

Have I dug in and feathered my nest so deeply I simply can’t:

* Hear God’s voice? Or it’s so very faint and muffled

* Move from my mess? To act on His message

* Imagine more or different? To see beyond my natural into His supernatural plan

Lesson 4:

But God…you argue.

Do we always try to negotiate a deal with God on our terms?!

You gave me this stuff. It’s MINE! You led me here. I know it.

And we dig in deeper. Rooted. Bound. Tied down. Pulling away from The Vine – our Divine God.

Lesson 5:

Like a two year old.

“My do it!” Yep, I think I may have thought that – if I didn’t actually say it!

Seeking independence, yet truly so very dependent upon parental guidance. We need our Father’s gracious hand, forever guiding and guarding us with His word and His works. Over and over and over again.

Lesson 6:


When our Heavenly Father is testing our faith…and faithfulness, how will we respond?

Will we rebel, stamping our feet or say yes, with enthusiasm, trusting God and His good plans for us?

Like Job. Faithful. Trusting. Sifted. Blessed in his latter years…

“The Lord blessed the latter part of Job’s life more than the former part.” Job 42:12a NIV

Lesson 7:

Let God nudge you out of your “feathered nest.”

His plan is for you. Just like that momma eagle knows what’s best for her brood, He knows you will soar into new heights!

“but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31 NIV 

Lesson 8:

God has us covered and lifted up.

God doesn’t need to check His Twitter feed or see me checking in on Facebook to know what I’m up to or where I am. We’re never off the grid with God. He knows exactly where we are, even when we hide behind a bush like Elijah, that prophet of old.

The Lord Appears to Elijah

“And the word of the Lord came to him: ‘What are you doing here, Elijah?'” 1 Kings 19:9b NIV

Lesson 9:

God guides us into a specific place.

And knows who, what, when and why He has us there. Yet we see in a mirror dimly, as scripture says. Are you thinking, “Got any Windex handy?” I am!

Relish today. Step off the grid, even if it’s just long enough to get your face out of Facebook and into His Book, as Christine Caine says.

Lesson 10:

I’m stepping off the grid today and trusting God to be there with me. Join me?

God invites us to join Him!

Will you accept THIS invitation today?

Susan B Mead HeadshotSusan B. Mead, author, survivor, and an individual who has dealt with multiple losses, is an empathetic, powerful, sought-after speaker with real answers to life’s tough questions. Susan is a Senior Ordained Chaplain, Certified by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, for individuals and groups suffering trauma. Susan’s best-selling book Dance with Jesus: From Grief to Grace, is available on Amazon.

Susan tweets @SusanBMead, posts scripture graphics daily on Facebook and Instagram and hosts the DanceWithJesus™ blog linkup each Friday at her website, SusanBMead.com. Get connected!


  1. Susan, (love your name), your post is great food for thought for me today. The older I get the less attachment I have to stuff. Glad I came over and read.

  2. jennethsuzanne

    Hi I am your neighbour at Five Minute Friday – #27, yes it is so true to step off the grid and live in the present in the loving embrace of our Father! Wonderful post thank you. Jenneth

  3. Ifeoma Samuel

    Wow! That’s something ?
    You have a lot of wise words hee?
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs to you both.
    Congrats Sarah on your new baby

  4. Susan B Mead

    Thank you Carolina. Stepping off the grid can be so healthy for us. Be blessed. Susan

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