1. Oh I love this: “What if we were to think about hunting for that still small voice of the Lord. Tracking it down. Searching for it with desire and passion to that we can grasp hold of it and all that it possesses…truth.” Yes! Let’s do THAT!!! (Have a great time this weekend! Praying in it all, you will find Rest!)

  2. Is it weird to say my stillness often happens while I’m in my car driving? I get into the groove of traffic and it’s almost like I go into autopilot. I turn everything off in my brain and just listen. Or I meditate on the songs I’ve been personally worshipping to. God and I have a lot of fun together on the road.

  3. It can be so hard to stay still long enough to tune into that voice, especially when there are little ones creating the chaos. I find that when I sit still for long I tend to fall asleep. My usual complaint is “I just shouldn’t sit down. Because then it’s all over.” But I really do want to learn to better hear God’s voice. I guess I need to work on stillness. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. This was my first Five Minute Friday link up. It was a little scary seeing that cursor blinking on a blank page you knew you’d never edit. I agree with your thoughts about seeking that still voice of God but have never given it the term hunting. I like it. An intentional pursuit of that small voice that competes among so much other noise. I’ll chew on that today. Thanks!

    • Welcome to the #fmfparty 🙂 Last week was my first week! I am thankful that God claims the victory and I claim the victory of His small voice over all the noise in my life 🙂

  5. I’m learning to find those still moments in unexpected places. Often when I dedicate time for it, my mind fills with so many other thoughts, but when I notice a quiet moment during nap time or while cleaning, I’m (slowly!) learning to take those opportunities to be still and listen. Thank you for the verses this morning. Such an encouragement!

    • I am the same Annie! Sometimes those still moments come when I don’t expect them! I think it’s a posture of constantly being ready to hear God’s voice 🙂

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